Here at Springfield FBC we place a large emphasis on Sunday School and doing life with one another through these groups. In these classes you will find solid Biblical teaching, encouraging conversation, and fellowship that the Lord will use to deepen and grow your walk with Him.

Below is a list of Sunday School classes that are offered. For more information, you can email us at

Children’s Division


Birth – 2 years old
Room E 16 (Children’s Wing)


3 years old – 5 years old
Leaders: Emily Devisscher, Laurel Pate and Jorden Pate
Room E 15 (Children’s Wing)


1st and 2nd Grade
Leader: Karen Thomas
Room E 11 (Children’s Wing)

3rd, 4th & 5th Grade
Leaders: Christine Barnes
Room E 14 (Children’s Wing)


Youth Division

Middle School

6th – 8th Grade
Leader: Abby Craig
Room Y 5 (Jeff Rollins Building)

High School

9th – 12th Grade
Leader: Doug Craig
Room Y 3 (Jeff Rollins Building)

Adult Division – Young Adults (Age 18-44)


Ages 18-24
Leaders: David and Laura Devisscher
Room D 3 West Annex (Main Building)

Paul Fulcher Class

Ages 25-34
Leader: Paul and Kim Fulcher
Room A 1 East Annex (Main Building)

Adult Mission

Ages 35-44
Leader: Margaret Coombe
Room A 6 East Annex (Main Building)


Ages 35-44
Leader: Phillip Dye
Room C 16 West Annex (Main Building)

Adult Division – Mixed Age Adults (Age 45-64)


Leaders: Joe Walsh
Room D 1 West Annex (Main Building)


Leader: Tim Uzupan
Room D 4 West Annex (Main Building)

The River Principle

Leader: Brian and Susan Hartzog
Room A 9 East Annex (Main Building)

Adult Division – Senior Adults (Age 65 plus)

Carl Milton

Leaders: Curtis Etheridge
Room C 15 West Annex (Main Building)

Soul Survivors

Leader: Doug Jarman and Jimmy Sapp
Room D 2 West Annex (Main Building)
*Hearing Impaired

New Beginnings

Leader: Wendel Wilson and Harold Howard
Room F2/F4 West Annex (Main Building)


Leader: Ronald and Neca Bennett
Room A8/A10 East Annex (Main Building)
*Hearing Impaired

Charlotte Brunson – Senior Adult Ladies

Leader: Betty Watts
Room A 4 East Annex (Main Building)

* Join us for coffee, juice, doughnuts, and fellowship from 8:45 – 9:15 a.m. and also from 10:30 – 10:45 a.m. in the Fellowship Hall.